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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

On Leaving Oxford

In which I subject my readers to yet more bad poetry

On Leaving Oxford

The stark reality begins to dawn
That soon, all too soon, we will all be gone.
I don’t mean our short time upon the earth –
That brief hiatus between death and birth –
Such is the stuff of a loftier poem;
I mean the time left before going home
I thought that six months would take long to pass,
But days are short when you want them to last.
It seemed I had forever to explore—
Forever isn’t so long anymore.
How can I choose one home o’er another?
Forsake one friend for the other?
I cannot leave and not leave myself behind:
Two Oceans own my heart, my soul, my mind.
If I could, I’d stand straddling the Sea,
Yet I fear the distance’s too great for me.
And so I lie, arms spread out, stretched too thin,
As if I could hold the whole world within.
Then, impatient, my heart begins to pull—
Must I live in two halves and never be whole?
Oh why is my heart so easily cleaved?
Why can it not so easily take leave?
Why must I go when I wish I could stay?
Why did I come to go back the same way?
Yet knowing not what the future may bring,
Still I know that I’ll not regret a thing.
When my time here has been all but forgot,
I’ll still have the mem’ries that Time has wrought.
Though I may never belong to one Place,
Though I can’t hold two Worlds in one embrace,
I know in my heart two Places can meet –
And in that Meeting, I am whole and complete.

N.B. I leave on June 15th


Beverley Rogers said...

I sent this once before but it was lost in cyber space so let me try again.

I, like many who have been reading your blog, are saddened that you must leave Oxford. Of course we are glad to have you back home but that's not the point.

Who will be taking us in search of Heffelumps or out to play "punt" sticks? Who will report on the 100 acres of friends and places we have all vicariously come to know and love?

Well, I for one, hope that you will continue your blog from wherever your journey takes you.

You may not know but your adventures have also been our adventures and we have been thrilled to have been allowed to tag along. Thanks for the ride!

Emma said...

I'm so glad you've enjoyed reading my blog! And I'll see you soon :)

Alice said...

Oh Emma, Although I'm happy to see you, I'm unhappy for your and oxford's loss. But, it is your nature to make your glass half full not . . .

Thank you for your six months of great enjoyment--well done, I could feel it with you. Please continue. With much love, Nanna