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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Why I Couldn’t Write my Paper

As long as I'm not getting any work done, I might as well make a list. If you can think of any others (and they must be attributed either to a philosopher or a philosophical school) put them in the comments and I'll add to the list.

1. Because there are an infinite number of halves between any two points, I was unable to traverse the distance from by bed to my desk. (Zeno)

2. I could be deceived about the existence of my paper. (Descartes)

3. Since there is no certain knowledge anyway, I figured, why bother? (Hume)

4. I was unable to ascertain the prompt nominally and hence dismissed it as an unworthy artifact of mere phenomenal experience. (Kant- submitted by Andrew)

5. What is an 'essay', anyway? Eh? Ah-ha! Too slow! Gotcha! (Socrates- submitted by Andrew)

1 comment:

Zachary said...

Does the air force count as a philosophical school? Then again, I don't think you want to post any of those reasonings under your name.