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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Remeber When?

For Mother's Day
Remember when you use to write cheesy poems for your parents, the kind they had to like no matter what? Well, I found one of those. I think I wrote it in sixth grade, but I'm not sure. Anyways, Mom, this is for you.

You Paved the Way

When I was born, you looked down the road,
Which I was to follow.
You saw many bumps that would trip me,
And holes I might fall into.

So you went before me,
And paved the way.
Yet you left some stones and ruts,
That I might pave the way one day.

When the sun came out,
You gave me shade.
I learned to give to others.
When it rained you gave me shelter,
I learned to help others.
When I cried you gave me your shoulder.
I learned to give comfort.

You went before me to test the bridge.
You went before me to clear the path.
You went down the road in front of me,
You paved the way.

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