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Wednesday, April 2, 2008


In which I see that person I know from somewhere

It’s amazing to me that in less than 3 hours I can go from the cold, rainy, English winter to warm, sunny Spain. My first impression of Seville was how similar it looked to Florida. There were orange and palm trees everywhere! But enough about the weather….
My trip to Spain marked two firsts for me. 1) This was the first trip that ever planned and executed entirely on my own (Okay—Joanne figured out where I would stay, but I did everything else). 2) This was the first time I really travelled to see a person and not a place. I probably wouldn’t have gone to Spain at all over my break if it wasn’t for Joanne being there. It was so wonderful to see her! It was also strange in some ways. Here I was, in foreign country…and there was Joanne! It was also a little strange for it to be just the two of us without Jessica (N.B. for those who don’t know…Joanne and Jessica are my roommates back in the States).

I stayed with Laura, another friend from the Sates, and her host mother, which was quite the experience, as I didn’t speak any Spanish beyond counting to ten and other such useless phrases. It was like taking an immersion language course without knowing the language. I would have been lost if Laura and Joanne hadn’t been there to translate.
One of the coolest things we did was go to Italica, which are the remains of a Roman city, birthplace to Trajan and boyhood home to Hadrian (Roman Emperors). Spanish history is actually very closely linked with Rome. There were many famous Romans from Spain, including Seneca. Italica had some of the best ruins I’ve seen, as good as and even better than many in Italy. It also had some beautifully preserved mosaics.
Most of the trip was just spent enjoying Spanish culture: Lots of walking, siestas, staying out late, tapas, and tons of food. I had a wonderful time.
When I arrived home in Oxford, I had a nice surprise. While it had definitely left in the winter, it was now obviously spring. The parks were open until 8:00 PM (they closed at 4:30 when I first got here), flowers were blooming all over, the weather was warmer, the sun was…well, not exactly shining, but it was making a good effort.

Now, if you’ll excuse me…I didn’t get a lot of sleep in Spain, and need a nap.

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Joanne said...

yay! i am glad that you came!