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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Mission: Celebrate 21

About a week ago, Samantha attempted to invite me to her birthday party that she was planning. Amy and I promptly decided this was unacceptable, told her so, and began preparations to celebrate her 21st birthday.

Our “party”, consisting of Sam, Amy, and myself, took place on Wednesday, Sam’s actual birthday, and mostly involved a lot of messy cooking. First, we made gnocchi for dinner. Sam hung out in the kitchen and watched in amusement while Amy and I covered ourselves, and everything else, in sticky potato dough. Everyone joined in for the cooking of the noodles, since its fun to watch them float to the top and to fish them out. It turned out pretty good (this was my 4th time making it), though we didn’t have the right dish to put them in, so the noodles partly turned into a potato blob. I think Sam and Amy’s enjoyment of the dish was a little feigned, but that’s okay. Gnocchi is a very unique dish, not quite a pasta, but not really a dumpling either. After the gnocchi, broccoli (which Sam doesn’t like—oops), and garlic bread was done, we retired to the lounge (Briticism for living room) to eat.

Having finished dinner, it was time to start making pudding. Amy and I had two deserts planned: a cake, of course, and a surprise. Sam assisted Amy in making the cake and icing, which apparently required throwing massive amounts of powdered sugar into the air. While the cakes baked (two layers) and Amy worked on getting the powdered sugar out of the slots in Optimus, her computer, I set about making the surprise—strawberry daiquiris. I don’t know if the finished product could technically be called a daiquiri, but it tasted good, and had lots of strawberries, a little lime juice, and just enough rum to officially consummate Sam’s new legal status in it.

When the cakes were finished baking, Sam was sent back into the lounge while Amy and I decorated the cake. The cakes, however, decided that they wanted to stay in their pans, and the finished product was basically a pile of icing holding together pieces of sponge cake. But it tasted good. After lighting the candles, we gathered up the other occupants of the house and sang Happy Birthday to Sam.

The rest of the evening was spent talking, opening presents (all two of them), and, for Amy and I, washing dishes.

P.S. There are pictures of all this, but I took them with Amy’s camera and don’t have them to post.

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