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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Strange Things I Do

1. Go running when its 3˚C and raining.

2. Walk all the way out to Abingdon Rd. because I’m too cheap to take a bus.

3. Go running through calve-deep freezing cold water.

4. Have a bike, but almost never use it, because I’m still scared by the cars on the “wrong” side of the road.

5. Go running when its 3˚C and raining.

6. Mention to my tutor that I would really like to have explored a topic further…and consequently get assigned another essay (I made this mistake twice)

7. Decide I want to go to Greece and get tickets for a plane that leaves three days after I made the decision (which means I’m heading to off to Greece tomorrow)

8. Go running when its 3˚C and raining.

9. Discuss the differences between English-English and American-English.

10. Eat a lot of bananas, even though I don’t particularly like them.

11. Try to figure out new ways to cook sweet potatoes.

12. Talk to the birds on the bike path into City Centre.

13. Go running when its 3˚C and raining.

14. Smile at strangers, and watch them try to figure out if they know me from somewhere.

15. Punctuate my thoughts with Shakespeare, Plato, or Homer quotations.

16. Take pictures of things with the sock I’m knitting (I need to do this more, actually).

17. Sleep in really, really late, by accident because the sun didn’t come up.

18. Ask my friends to bring over popped bags of microwave popcorn when the visit.

19. Eat peanut-butter and nutella sandwiches.

20. And did I mention: Go running when its 3˚C and raining.


Anonymous said...

I'm also a sock knitter although I don't take pictures of my socks with things... I'd love to see photos of your socks!

Kris French
of OCC

Anonymous said...

You sure love runing in the rain..

Scott & Dandi Campbell

Zachary said...

You should go running when it's 40F and raining now too. Have a great time in Greece!