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Friday, February 15, 2008

OOSC—Oxford Overseas Student Cleaners

(for those who don’t know, the program I’m in is the Oxford Overseas Study Course)

Yesterday was St. Michael’s annual tower cleaning. Since Penelope, who runs OOSC, is a member of the tower committee, she extended an “invitation” to any students who wanted the “experience” of cleaning “Oxford’s oldest tower” (1,000 years old, which I find fairly recent). With the promise of a free visit to the top of the tower, and a free lunch, five of us bit. Here’s a few pics of us hard at work:

Amy, Paige, and Penelope hard at work. No, that's not snow, or a blurry picture. That, my friends, is all the dust in the air (not the Philip Pullman kind).

Sam and I pretended to be Cinderallas (or orphans)

As an extra reward, everyone who helped clean got to chime the bells, scaring a couple of tourists that we didn't know were in the tower.

The bells. Appearently, they're so big that if the were rung (swung back and forth) instead of chimed (the thing inside is swung back to hit the bell) the tower would fall down.

Some of Oxford's "Dreaming Spires", as seen from the tower.

And last, but not least...

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Joanne said...

looks like fun! and what a coincidence that we have both been in towers with bells recently