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Sunday, February 17, 2008

I Didn’t Have my Camera

But it was Beautiful
I must go seek some dewdrops here
and hang a pearl in every cowslips’ ear.
-Shakespeare, A Midsummer’s Night Dream
The last few days, upon waking up, I have pulled a little corner of my curtain back and peeked out to see if it had snowed. We are most definitely reaching freezing temperatures at night, as small puddles and such are always frozen in the morning, but still no snow.

The other day, upon looking out my window, I observed the most extraordinary weather I’ve seen since I got here. It was a fog, but it wasn't grey, but white and transparent, as if a cloud had decided to sit down on top of Oxford. As I walked into the City Center that morning, I became aware of the effects of this strange fog.

The moisture in it, it seemed, had frozen onto everything it had touche: trees, cars, flowers- giving the whole neighbor a glittering appearance. The sun was already up when I set out down the road, and every time I walked under a tree, a little shower of melted dew-drops greeted me. But it was when I reached the bike path that I caught my breath.

There, hanging from the fences, and twined around flowers, were tiny, sparkling strands of crystal. It was, I thought, as if a fairy had come out during the night and hung garlands on every open surface.

I was almost late to my meeting because of the time I spent looking at these small wonders (which turned out to be frozen spider-webs), and standing in awe of the beauty that can surprise one even in the most ordinary of places.

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Zachary said...

I really wish I could have you write out my thoughts too, because everything sounds so pretty when you say it.