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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Bloggers' Silent Poetry Reading

So, I just visited my favorite blog, Yarn Harlot, and read about this poetry reading. So I thought I'd join in, and offer one of my own poems, written in arrgogant imitation of Robert Frost's The Road not Taken. Enjoy! (And critique, if you feel so inclined.)

The Woods: In Retrospect

In these long forgotten woods I stand,
A changed man from when I last passed by.
Remembered roads lead from either hand;
One leads to lonely, now well-traveled land,
The other once dismissed with a sigh.

Was there so much virtue to be found,
In a road not used by other men?
Did I think their judgment so unsound,
That by walking on less trodden ground,
I’d ensure I’d never fall again?

Should I choose to go a different way,
Having now another choice to make?
And take the well worn path, come what may,
And to learn what others have to say;
Though I think the past was no mistake.

Others know lessons already learned,
Teachings I could never find alone.
And if their lessons I choose to spurn,
Then so by falling, my fate I’ve earned,
This, the cost of walking on my own.
-April 27th, 2007

1 comment:

Zachary said...

I think you showed me this poem before, but I still love it.