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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Vocabulary List

For Americans in England
(If you’re English, and find something incorrect or offensive, let me know so I can fix it)

Blimey: An interjection, along the lines of “Really?”, or “Wow”. “Did you see that? Blimey.”

Brill: Slang for “brilliant”, the preferred adjective, used in place of “cool” or “awesome”. “It was brill to see you last night”.

Chevron: Triangles painted on major roads to mark distance between cars. “Keep two chevron’s apart”. (This one took me a while to figure out)

Chips: French fries. As in "Fish and Chips"- but you already knew that.

Crisps: Chips. "I bought a packet of crisps yesterday". (thanks Andrew)

Give Way: Yield. Used on signs and in traveling. “I always give way to bikers.”

Go Pear-shaped: Fall apart, often said of a situation. “I need to take care of this problem before everything goes pear-shaped”.

Jumper: Sweater, as in “I was just going to wear jeans and a jumper”.

Lecture: Class. “I have a lecture at 10:00”.

Posh: A combination of classy and snobby. Same as we use it, but used more often.

Public School: Private School. “He went to a really posh public school.”

Pudding: Any type a desert, occasionally used for a particular dish like bread and butter pudding. “I made some pudding for after dinner”.

Reading: Studying. "'What are you reading?' 'Philosophy.'"

Sixth Form: equivalent to High School. “After Sixth Form, I’m going to Uni.”

State School: Public School.

Tutor: Professor. “She’s a great tutor.”

Tutorial: Meeting with your tutor.

Uni: Slang for University.


Andrew said...

Of note: crisps come in "packets", not "bags".

Anonymous said...

Walker's crisps......mmmm!
Have you tried the prawn or marmite flavors yet?
There are some interesting flavors!

I just noticed that an English shoppe opened on Mills near 50. Jeff and I were thrilled to go and buy Walker's crisps and some digestives. The crisps were brill!

Amy S.