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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A Long Post is (Possibly) Better than None


The plane rides both went well. On the first leg of my journey, I agreed to trade seats so a lady could sit next to her husband, and the flight attendant gave me a food voucher, so my dinner in Detroit airport was free! I have to say, Detroit might possibly have the coolest airport ever, if only because it has a monorail inside to take you to your gate.

sunrise outside plane window

After landing in London, I was getting onto the bus to take me to Oxford, when I heard a person next to me ask “Emma?” I turned around and saw guy who looked somewhat familiar and asked “Dane?” Sure enough, my future housemate had recognized me from my Facebook picture, so we rode the bus together and got to know each other a little. Which brings me to….

Dane and Will are great. I’m the youngest in the house by one day, but I’ll get over it. Our first night together Dane took Will and me to Turf Pub for dinner, which was fun. It was exciting to visit my first English pub within a few hours of my arrival. The second night we all made spaghetti and spent a while just talking, figuring out shopping etc., and just getting to know one another (btw, Jessica, Oxford has a recycling program, and we will be using it).

Some pics of the house:

(slightly messy) Living Roomvery small Kitchen (with no microwave. Also home to the washing machine with no dryer)My room- it came with the bear!

More of my room


I met my tutors today, and I’m really excited about my classes. In Greek I’ll be translating Plato’s Symposium to start with, and then some Homer later in the term. I admit I was a little apprehensive about my Formal Logic class, but I think it will actually be pretty cool. My tutor for it majored in Classical Philosophy as well as Logic.


I have no pictures of London, but I saw Much Ado About Nothing preformed at the National Theatre, and as loyal as I am to the Orlando Shakespeare Festival, I have to say the production was absolutely incredible. I laughed so hard I cried.

Most Colorful English Phrase Heard

Heard in a lecture: “Frankly, she was pissed as a newt”.

And so,…to bed.


joanne said...

you have a bookshelf and curtains...thats nice

Andrew said...

It's a little strange that the Edgeway kitchen doesn't have a microwave, but the one-device laundry is standard for Europe. It'll spin-dry your clothes much more effectively than an American washer, so they'll come out damp but not dripping, and then you can hang them up to dry the rest of the way.
Who are your tutors?

Eleta said...

Nice way to include Pepys!;-)

Kate said...

Nice looking housemates!

Anonymous said...

If one is as "pissed as a newt," is one angry or drunk?

Your writing is wonderfully descriptive, especially your observation on clouds.

Kris French

Me said...

Drunk. And welcome to the bolg!