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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

(Almost) Into the Woods

Some pictures of the park near our flat in Marston

The bike path we take into the City Center. Its usually not under water, but the river flooded yesterday.

Tunnel at the park gate. Looks rather ominous, doesn't it?
The evil wizard who once ruled the woods. He was turned into a tree by the fairies, who live in
the pink and purple fairy forest.
There are many benches in the park, and I happened to read the dedication on this one by chance. I would have taken a picture of the two trees, but someone had spray painted them. One of the benches was dedicated to a man "who ran here".
The river, where the Naiads live.
The path where I'm going to run tomorrow. I suspect the Dryads live down there.

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"It was your fault"